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The Brick and Mortar location of UnContained Art has officially closed it's doors.   As a business in this community we were pleased with how well we were received and the amount of fun we had.  
In a bittersweet twist, the more successful we became as a business the less time we had to spend with our children.  Being run by a husband and wife, who have no helpful family in the vicinity, we were forced to choose between: success as a business and a happy family.  The decision was simple.  
But, we are ever maliable.  UnContained is now a Non-profit scholarship fund.  We worked with members of the community and local business to create an Art and Music Festival that occurred on September 17th.  We will now throw events throughout the year to raise money for the Arts and Music Programs of the 04730 school year.  
If you are interested in the Scholarship, or want to apply for or donate to it, please reach out via email.  UnContainedCommunityArts@gmail.com

Thank You.


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