Wed, Thurs, Fri 4:30-9 Sat 11:30-3:00 (live music every other Sat evening)

A Full Bar/Restaurant with growing word-of-mouth reviews! 
Weekly special items and drink deals. 

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What is an Art Bar?

         A unique dining experience.  We take flavor and atmosphere, and combine them so that you can enjoy your evening in style.  

         Local Artist's work decorates our restaurant, each piece is for sale, without commission taken.  

         Twice a month we hold Paint and Sip style classes.  One family-friendly, one adults only.  

          Still unsure what we are?  Come in, when we are open, to experience it!    We are a family-friendly environment, and encourage the delight in children to enjoy unique flavors and see local artists earning an income.  Most of our staff are also artists, and we encourage their creativity.   After 7pm our crowd tends to shift to a more mature atmosphere.  Our kitchen closes at 9pm.

Karaoke, Open Mic, and Live Music.

             On Friday nights we have Open Mic from 6-7:30 that turns into Karaoke.  It is always a fun time, and a great atmosphere to perform in. 

             Every other Saturday we stay open to 9 and have a Live musician.  You can follow us on Facebook/UnContainedArtBar, or Instagram @UnContained_Art_Bar to see who is playing and when. 

Should we reserve?

           You can reserve if you would like.  But, it is not required.